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                           Legal declaration
1. copyright:
     A. Beijing xinlitongchuang electronic equipment limited liability company (the original Beijing North points Xinli Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.) Web site (hereinafter referred to as this website) all of the content and the chart by the "copyright law of the People's Republic of China" and relevant laws and regulations of all intellectual property rights and China's accession to the protection of the international treaty.Content on this web site are copyright enjoyed complete, without its consent, shall not copy and use in any form.B, the url on this web site are all the figure on the label, figure act the role ofing, graphics, color, words and their combination, layout design, the database has complete copyright, all information posted on the exclusive right to publish and use, without the permission of this web site, not copy, use or reproduced without authorization.
     2. Responsibility:This website does not monitor this site at any time, but reserves the right to implement real-time monitoring for its.For other input, not this website published material, this website will not accept any legal responsibility.Information release party must be input unit and the accuracy of the format and content of personal information and materials and legitimacy independently bear all legal responsibilities.Its in the database of supply and demand on the supply and demand information release party released by material independently bear all legal responsibilities.This website does not guarantee that for a kind of supply and demand information description will have a certain number of users to browse, also does not guarantee that there will be a specific users to browse.For other links in the content of this website, this website will not legal responsibility.
    3. web site use: A. explicitly banned terms:This site can only be used for legal purposes, the person or organization issued a purchase and supply information.This website specifically prohibits any other purpose, all users must ensure that is not used for any of the following purposes:
      (1) in the supply and demand platform release of false, incomplete or inaccurate information of supply and demand, release is not legal supply and demand information, such as opinions, notice, or any other state law prohibited content;
      (2) the company's competition counterparts this method is used to seek contact with the employer's business; 
      (3) modify or delete any other person or the data released by the company; 
      (4) without authorization, print, copy or use any personal data or information about the business of the employer.Consent to release information of personal or publicEmail, phone, mail, or any other form of contact.
    B. site safety rules:Users are prohibited to destroy or attempted to sabotage the safety rules of the site, including but not limited to:
      (1) contact data without permission or enter a server or account without permission;    
      (2) didn't get the license, in an attempt to probe, scan or test system or network vulnerability, or destroy the security measures; 
      (3) attempts to interfere in or damage to the user and the network of services, including: by overload, "mail bomb" or "destroy" means;
      (4) send promotion, product advertising and E-mail services;
      (5) forge TCP/IP packets name or part of the name.To damage the system or the network may lead to crime, this website will interfere investigation, the occurrence of such destruction, and will cooperate with law enforcement, prosecution users of such destruction.
    C. general rules: It is forbidden to appear the following three conditions: 
       (1) violate any of the current laws and regulations; 
       (2) infringe the copyright and other intellectual property rights of others, infringes on business secrets or violate the privacy rights of others, and other personal rights; 
       (3) the use of this site, storage distribution, defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive material, material damage to others.
       (4) pause, and suspend use:Any confirmed by this web site has violated the site use rules of user, will be warned.In the user agreed there is no longer any violation, this website reserves the right to decide whether to give its stop using the treatment.At the same time, if necessary, we can at any time without warning to suspend or terminate the service to the users;And for recidivism will immediately suspend or terminate the use of processing.
       (5) except:In addition to the terms of this site is put forward in the information confidential, the user understands and agrees that the purpose of this web site may purchase or supply for the user to provide comprehensive information to a third party.Unless the judicial administrative official business needs, such as this will not be open to any third party without the user related information.
       (6) risk sharing: User access to this site will assume a certain risk: this web site on the material do not make any express or implied guarantees.This website does not guarantee material of special purpose cannot be blocked or not mistake, can't guarantee the error can be corrected, nor by this site or url system cost of material will not contain viruses or other harmful components.In involving the use of the relevant materials or use of the results, the correctness of the materials on this web site, accuracy, reliability and other feelings Besides, don't make any guarantee or instructions.User (not on this web site) will assume therefore caused by the cost of all necessary servicing, repair and correction, unless the current laws and regulations expressly provided otherwise.
      (7) this website reserves the right to correction to the terms of service at any time.Warning: use of this web site network in violation of these terms and conditions will constitute a violation of the right to this site, this website will reserve the right to take all legal measures.
       (1) xinlitongchuang electronic equipment limited liability company Web site part of the article based on information from network reproduced is for information purposes, does not mean that agree with his point of view or confirm the authenticity of its contents.Like other media, websites or individuals from this net downloading use, must retain this net indicated "the manuscript origin", and own the copyright and other legal responsibility.If any claim to the manuscript content, please do not hesitate to contact us.
       (2) xinlitongchuang electronic equipment limited liability company Web site is dedicated to provide reasonable, accurate and complete information, but not guaranteeing the rationality, accuracy and completeness of information, and not because of unreasonable, inaccuracy or omission of the cause is not liable for any loss or damage. All information on this web site is for reference only, do not do trading and service according to, like to use this information in deviation, this site is not responsible for, also not take any legal responsibility.
       (3) any due to hacker attacks, computer viruses or attack and temporary shut down due to government regulation affect the normal operation of the loss caused by force majeure, this web site are exceptions.Because with this web site links to other sites of the personal information leakage and therefore cause of any legal disputes and consequences of this web site are exceptions.
       (4) this website such as service and to be suspended for system maintenance and upgrades, will be announced in advance.If due to the line and not the company outside the control of a hardware failure, or other force majeure caused by suspended service, suspension of service all the inconvenience and loss, this website not take any responsibility.
      (5) users of this site for violating the provisions of this statement of violating the laws of the People's Republic of China and the consequences themselves responsible for, this site does not undertake any responsibility.
       (6) any land this website in any way or direct, indirect use of this web site information, as a voluntary statement of this website.
       (7)   This statement no questions refer to the relevant state laws and regulations, when this statement conflict with national laws and regulations, the state laws and regulations shall prevail.
       (8) this website such as inadvertently which media or intellectual property rights of the individual have been infringed, please write or cable, this website will be given immediately deleted.